Air Source Heat Pumps

air sourceWhat is an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)?

Air source heat pumps are a type of ‘fit and forget’ technology that’s used to power heating systems within the home. An air source heat pump is often placed at the back or side of a property, where it collects heat from the air. An air source heat pump is comparable, in looks and size, to a domestic air conditioning unit.

There are two main types of Air source heat pumps, air-to-air and air-to-water. Air-to-water systems extract heat from the outside air transferring it into your wet central heating system. Air-to-air systems transfer heat collected from the outside into your home via fans. In the summer an air-to-air source heat pump can be operated in reverse, similar to an air conditioning system, so providing cooled air for your home.

Air source heat pumps work by absorbing heat from the surrounding air into a refrigerant fluid within it. The heated fluid then passes through a compressor where the temperature is increased further. Finally the heat is used within radiators, underfloor heating, domestic hot water systems and even warm air convectors. Air source heat pumps ‘collect’ heat from the air in the same way a domestic refrigerator does from its interior. Heat can be collected at temperatures as low as -15 degrees C but are most efficient above 5 degrees C.

Some of the benefits...


What are the benefits of installing Air source heat pumps?

  • Air source heat pumps provide hot water and heating.
  • Savings of between £150 - £530 per annum are attainable.
  • Lower carbon emissions than conventional heating systems.
  • Cheaper than Ground source heat pumps and easier to install, especially when retrofitting.

How Much Will I Save ?


Save Money With ASHP!

Air source heat pumps are estimated, by The Energy Saving Trust (EST), to save between £150 (replacing oil) and £530 (replacing electricity) a year. The government have estimated a payment of £500 a year through the Renewable Heating incentive (RHI) would be applicable also. The payback on the purchase of your Air source heat pump system would depend on how efficiently the system works, the system you are replacing and the uses of the heat generated by the pump.

Further Info ....


What are the benefits of installing Air source heat pumps?

  • Cheaper than Ground source heat pumps and easier to install, especially when retrofitting.
  • Can be used for air conditioning in warmer periods.
  • Negligible maintenance required.
  • Air source heat pumps are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) premium payment (one off grant of £1300) until March 2014 and will be eligible for the full RHI in spring 2014.

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