Hot Water Systems

air source
Our Hot Water Sytems

Heat is Captured under the form of solar radiation, environmental temperature, rain, wind and even snow
The heat produced on colder days, even at night is suficient to attain the water temperature desired.
The solar panel is light, discreet and versatile in terms of where to put it.
Outside cylinder condenser (no contact with water)
Hot water up to 55 degrees centergrade available 24hrs a day
Almost non-existent maintenance
The energy consuption of the equipment is reduced due to a super efficient compressor
No defrost cycle

Hot Water Solutions

Autonomous Hot Water solution available in versions with 1 or 2 thermodynamic solar panels (as shown)
Eco offers a wide range designed for professionals from this industry, with various capacities, available in models of 200 to 450 litres. Versions of 1 or 2 thermodynamic solar panels and thermal storage equipped with or without supplementary coil.

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